Tube 2 - New York City

Tube 2 - New York City Pro 1.06

Street and subway maps to plan your trips in New York


  • Very complete maps
  • Route planner
  • Tube and street maps linked together


  • Annoying registration messages

Very good

If you plan to visit New York you'll probably need a street map and a tube guide if you don't want to miss anything of what this lovely city has to offer. Forget about those old-fashioned folded paper maps and get this excellent application right into your Palm.

Tube 2 New York Pro includes maps for the entire area of Manhattan, as well as the subway map, where you can easily create routes between two points and therefore plan your journeys in advance. Another feature we liked is that street maps and tube maps are linked, so that you can see the actual subway layout on NY streets.

On the downside, Tube 2 New York Pro kept on displaying a trial reminder every time we tapped on the screen. We know it's a trial version, we just don't need to be warned every ten seconds.

This map package for Tube 2 consists of a fully scrollable detailed map of the New York City MTA subway system and linked high quality street maps of Manhattan. Also included are additional reference maps of the rail systems surrounding NYC.

Plan journeys on the MTA subway system, list details of the quickest routes and see a superb animated display of your journey tracking around the system map.

The additional street maps in this Pro version are 4 integrated high quality streets map tiles covering 72 sq Km of Manhattan. These maps are all linked with the subway map so you will never get lost in Manhattan again.

Tube 2 - New York City


Tube 2 - New York City Pro 1.06

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